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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cat Litter Boxes & Supplies

Cat Litter Boxes & Supplies

Cat Litter

Everclean Cat Litter - X-strength - Unscented - 14 lb.

Product Description

Litter odor? What litter odor?
Your litter box can be clean and fresh-smelling always with EverClean.
This extra-strength clumping litter prevents moisture from collecting on the
bottom of the pan where it decomposes and causes odor.
Extra-hard clumps allow you to scoop out waste easily, leaving a fresh, clean pan.
EverClean is the ever-better choice for a clean, fresh litter box.

This unscented formula has no artificial fragrances and is ideal for people
or cats sensitive to perfumes.
14 lbs.

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