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Monday, January 31, 2011

What type of treats should you feed your Koi

What type of treats should you feed your Koi

People find it fun and popular to give their Koi treats. You might enjoy watching your Koi react to treats while you feed them. This can be an enjoyable thing to do you must take care .

Koi eat almost anything they find in their pond. Since Koi do not know what is good or bad for them. You must control what kind of snack or treat they eat. Another potential problem is over feeding treats. Again, Koi do not have the knowledge to know when to stop eating.

OSi make several high quality Koi Treats. One of them isMixed Fruits Gourmet Pond Food Treats. Enjoy your koi and keep them happy with special treats just for them. Delicious fruit flavored treats will have your koi jumping out of the water for a taste. These special treats can be fed multiple times a day and are vitamin-fortified for extra nutrition. Low protein formula will not stimulate algae growth. Fun shapes, too these are a Mixed fruit flavor.
Mixed Fruits Gourmet Pond Food Treats - Large - 11.5 oz.

Some fruits and vegetables can be good for your koi. Fishy's Koi and Goldfish Pond Fish Food Treats. This fish shaped treat contains all natural fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruit, apples, cucumber, carrot, kale, pepper, wheat germ and alfalfa. It has vitamin E to promote and help stimulate your fish's immune system and added stabilized vitamin C to help combat fish stress related diseases. Even fish love treats. When the water temperature is 50ยบ F or above, feed as a treat, but do not exceed the amount the fish eat within a few minutes of feeding.
Fishy's Koi and Goldfish Pond Fish Food Treats
No matter what type of treat you decide to use, it is still very important that you do not over do it. To many treats and interfere with their diets, and cause more harm then good. Just do not get carried away, and you will be set.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caring for Green Iguanas

Caring for Green Iguanas

There are misconceptions and myths about Iguanas. These myths could prevent you from taking proper care of a green iguana. Some myths aren’t too harmful, but some of these myths could be dangerous to a green iguana's health. Here are some common myths about green iguanas that you should know about:

1) Green Iguanas can eat iceberg lettuce.
This myth has some truth to it. Of course, since green iguanas are best kept on a vegetarian diet, you can feed it lettuce. However, you should realize the fact that most types of salad lettuce have very little nutritional value.

If you want to take proper care of your green iguana, you should feed it vegetables that have a high nutritional value. Examples include collards, turnip greens and mustard greens.

Another great feed is Zoo Med Natural Iguana FoodNatural Iguana Food Juvenile formula contains higher amounts of protein to promote growth and optimum health in younger iguanas. Smaller pellets for easier consumption.
Zoo Med Natural Iguana Food - Adult - 20 oz.

2) Iguanas will not outgrow their cages
Some people provide small cages for their iguanas in order to keep it in a convenient size. This will definitely not help your green iguana. A green iguana, when properly taken care of, can grow up to six feet long. Keeping them it in a small cage will only mak your green iguana's life very uncomfortable.

An inexpence cage Reptile Cage Give you iguana or other herp a cage to climb in with this PVC-coated wire model from Pointer Hill. Roomy cage promotes airflow and keeps your climbing herp exercised and stress-free. A 3" galvanized steel tray is easy to remove and clean. constructed of 1/2" x 1" 16ga PVC coated wire mesh
PVC Reptile Cage - 30 in x 18 in x 36 in

3) Hot rocks are great for heating
People think heat rocks are good for an iguana's body temperature. Green iguanas are cold blooded; this means that if a green iguana sits on a hot rock, it can be cooked to death. If you wish to provide proper heating for a green iguana enclosure, you should use special lighting available in most pet stores.

Naturalistic Terrarium Light Bar Reptile Lighting Systems mount terrarium lighting directly inside your Naturalistic Terrarium with these handy light bars. Each bar includes a 100 watt ceramic fixture and can accommodate up to 2 additional lamps. Ensures maximum UVA and UVB transmission and eliminates bulky clamp lamps on the top.
Naturalistic Terrarium Light Bar Reptile Lighting Systems

5) Iguanas can eat insects, pet food, and other animal products
The truth is that green iguanas are best suited to an herbivorous diet. The body and metabolism of a green iguana is designed to utilize plant proteins effectively. Animal proteins, on the other hand, can prove to be very troubling to them. The only reason that iguanas eat insects in the wild is because these get mixed up with their food accidentally.

Zoo Med Natural Iguana Food is an all natural and no artificial colors, flavors, scents or preservatives makes this a "natural" choice for your Iguana Naturally fortified with Spirulina and beta carotene, your pet is provided with essential amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins to promote overall health and vigor.

These are just some of the myths that you may have heard about green iguanas. By knowing the truth about these myths, you are now equipped to give the best care possible to a green iguana.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Flea Control, Getting Rid of fleas

Flea Control, Getting Rid of Fleas

Different geographical areas have different climate conditions so the flea season varies depending on where you are. Keep that in mind whether you are at home or traveling. Something else to be aware of is that fleas, they can survive indoors even during the cold weather. Following are some helpful facts about fleas and information on how you can prevent them from infesting your pets and your home using flea and tick controls.
Advantage Flea & Tick Control for Dogs
There are over two thousand known species and subspecies of fleas, one of these class of flea called the ‘cat flea’ is to blame for almost all the fleas found on cats and dogs in the United States.

Fleas can survive up to two or three months without eating, they eat the blood they suck from their hosts. A female flea consumes 15 times her own body weight in blood daily! You should also know that while adult fleas suck blood from a cat, dog or other mammal, their larvae live and feed on organic debris in the host animal's environment. If you see one flea there can be hundreds more in your home your carpet and on your pet.

How do you control this problem? Your pet counts on you to keep it healthy. Taking them to the vet for their annual check ups is very important. Ask your veterinarian about a flea prevention method such as Advantage, A once per month flea treatment for dogs and puppies seven weeks of age and older. Advantage kills 98% of fleas on infested dogs within 12 hours, providing protection from re-infestation for up to four weeks. Comes packaged in convenient tube applicator. Bio-Spot Bio Spot Spot On topical flea and tick products quickly and safely kill fleas, ticks and their eggs on cats and kittens, and is effective for up to one month. Also works to fight mosquitoes that may spread heartworm or other diseases to your pet. Spot On treatments also contain a special coat conditioner to make your pet look great and feel itch-free. or Adams. Some of these products can also help to prevent ticks in addition to fleas.
Farnam Bio Spot In-Home Inverted Carpet & Premise Spray - 16 oz.
If you see fleas on your pets or in your home, take action immediately. Not only are fleas a huge annoyance, but they can also transmit diseases and tapeworm. If your home becomes infested, you will probably need to purchase flea bombs – make sure read and adhere to the directions carefully and contact your vet to get further advice and relief for your pet and family. With Adams Room Fogger you can say goodbye fleas! The Adams ready-to-use, water based automatic room fogger contains adulticides to kill adult fleas and pre-adult fleas. Sykillstop, an insect growth regulator, kills larval fleas and flea eggs for 210 days. Also kills ticks, cockroaches, spiders and ants.One can treats up to 6,000 square feet.
Farnams Adams Pets Room Fogger - 3 pk

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tropical fish foods

Tropical fish foods

A balanced diet for your aquarium fish is essential to their survival. Tropical fish foods commonly used will only keep for about three months, it is always advisable to buy fish-feeds in many small packs rather than in one large pack.

The feed could preferably be kept absolutely dry in a refrigerator. However, all fish appreciate a change of diet and will thank you for your consideration with more interesting behavior, better colors, and greater readiness to breed and better general well -being.

There are many different types of fish foods. Most popular and highly recommended brands are Aqueon, Tetra, and Hikari.

Below you will find just a few of the feeds available.

Flake Foods
Freeze-dried Foods
Pellet Foods
Stick Food

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Dogs love to play with toys

Dogs love to play with toys

Many dog owners treat their dogs like children. “That’s my baby,” they’ll say when referring to their dog. and, of course, they buy their dogs toys to play with. Choosing the right dog toys can be tricky. People like to get cute, squeaky toys for their dogs or give them stuffed animals to chew on and carry around. A dog’s toy needs to be safe with particle, fun and durability kept in mind. The size of the toys is an important thing to consider.

Avoiding toys that aren’t really toys

Even though dogs are “Man’s best friend” they are not the brightest creatures. They can be attracted to things that can cause them harm. It’s important to start early letting your dog know what is a toy and what isn’t. Dogs love to chew on things like shoes, leather belts and furniture. These can be ingested, choking the dog. Teaching your dog early on what is a toy and what things are not is part of being a responsible dog owner.

These are some of the Safest Dog Toys

1)Balls & Fetch Toys
Air Kong Squeaker Donut Dog Toy Combine the durability and fun of a tennis ball, with the excitement of a squeaker for the ultimate fun dog toy. Non-abrasive tennis ball material is easy on your pet’s teeth. Durable Kong construction holds up to any abuse your dog can dish out.
Air Kong Squeaker Donut Dog Toys

2)Teething Toys

Clasic Kong Dog Toys Extra thick and strong for those power chewing dogs! This toy also cleans teeth and gums while your dog bites down. Made in the USA.
Small - 3" l x 1 1/2" wide at the widest part.
Medium - 3.5" length x 2" wide at the widest part.
Large - 4 1/4" l x 2 3/4" wide at the widest part.
X-Large - 5 1/2" l x 3 1/2" wide at the widest part.
King - 6" l x 3 1/2" wide at the widest part.
Classic Kong Dog Toys

3)Fabric and Plush Toys
Allure Bear Squares Dog Toy Bear Squares are under-stuffed to enhance playing, carrying and tossing. Super-tough Tuffut lining ensures it will stand up to your toughest chewers. One squeaker in the head and one in each paw make Bear Squares even more fun!
Allure Bear Squares Dog Toy - Brown - 15 in.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caring for a Goldfish Aquarium

Keeping Goldfish can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any new hobby, especially one that involves living creatures, always consider the maintenance that will be involved. If you care for your aquarium properly, you will be sure to have happy and healthy Goldfish for many years. Goldfish have a life expectancy of five to ten years. If you do a good job maintaining their fish tank, you should have fun, beautiful fish for a long time. Make sure to feed them correctly and keep their water fresh and clear.

Aqueon Goldfish Aquarium Fish Food is a complete balanced nutrition for your goldfish and ornamental pond fish. Granule food contains all natural ingredients to bring out the best in your fish. Formulated so your fish can utilize more and create less waste. Premium ingredients like whole fish meal naturally attract fish and promote healthy immune systems and bring out true, intense coloration. Fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients for complete health.
Aqueon Goldfish Aquarium Fish Food Granules - 5.8 oz.

When starting any new aquarium, you should get everything in place before buying the fish. If you are going to put gravel on the bottom, you may want to put only a thin layer. This will make it easier to keep clean, as Goldfish tend to be messy. Make sure that you rinse the gravel thoroughly before placing it in the bottom of the tank. If you have some decorations, you should add them now. Make sure that you rinse them well before putting them into the tank. Also be sure that the goldfish have plenty of room to swim, as they as active fish. Give them a place or two to hide, and that should do nicely.

Now that you have everything in place, you can add in the water. You will need to use a dechlorinator, as the chlorine in tap water is poisonous to fish. Once the fish tank is filled up, you can turn on the filter. Change it as often as recommended to keep your fish healthy. Goldfish live at room temperature, so you will not need a heater. They are quite comfortable in temperatures from 68 to 80 degrees. However, they should not be exposed to rapid temperature changes. You might want to let the filter run in the new goldfish tank for a day or so to filter out any chemicals or dyes that might have been left on the gravel and decorations that you just added. Waiting to buy new fish can be one of the hardest things about fish keeping!

You need to add fish gradually. Fish excrete ammonia. If you add too many fish at once to a new fish tank, the water will not be seasoned enough to dissipate it. As the water in your Goldfish tank ages, it builds up beneficial bacteria that turn harmful chemicals excreted by the fish into harmless ones. However, this will take some time. Start out with only one fish. The nitrogen cycle will not begin until you add the fish, so running an empty tank for several days will not help. Since your fish tank is brand new, you might want to consider making partial water changes of about 25 per cent of the total water volume every few days for the first week or so.

Filteration can be controled by using a Tetre Whisper Aquarium Power Filter. The world-famous Whisper power filter updated for the 21st century! Whisper EX-series aquarium filters offer a host of modern conveniences and advanced filtration capabilities to keep your aquarium clean, clear and healthy. Keep your hands off of messy carbon pads with the Whisper Filter's squeeze-to-open filter cartridge design. Special TimeStrip tabs are included with each filter cartridge and attach directly to your filter so you know exactly when to change. A new in-tank Whisper motor design lessens noise, eliminates priming and lowers the profile of each filter. Rounded chamber design promotes water flow and lessens build-up on your filter's bottom. An enhanced biological grid promotes optimum bacteria growth. Choose the size that fits your aquarium.
 Tetra Whisper Aquarium Power Filters

You can find Goldfish food at almost any pet shop. Make sure to purchase some when you buy your first fish. Feed only a small amount. Especially at first. Any uneaten food will sink to the bottom and rot. Keep this to a minimum. Watch your fish the first few times that you feed them. Feed only as much as they will eat in two to three minutes twice a day, or as recommended on the Goldfish food label. Be especially careful not to overfeed when the Goldfish tank is new. This will cause excess build up of toxic chemicals and can kill your fish quickly.

As the water in your fish tank cycles through the nitrogen cycle, you may notice that is becomes very cloudy. This is a normal process and should clear up in a few days. Do not add any new fish until the water is crystal clear again. Clear water will signify that the nitrogen cycle is working and that the toxic chemicals are being converted to good ones. Remember that Goldfish will grow large and they need a big space. Don't overcrowd the tank if you want to keep healthy fish. If you follow this little guideline, you will be sure to have a healthy goldfish aquarium.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ferrets & Their Environment

Although ferrets have eyes, they are not unable to see that well. As a result, they use their other senses to guide them through their environment using their hearing and smell.

Since domesticated ferrets are not afraid of humans, they will be able to handle any new environment that they encounter without any fear. In fact, they don’t mind living with other ferrets as it has been observed that some sleep on top of each other. Fettets like to climb Make sure their housing has several layers. Marshalls Ferret Mansion Cage is one of the best. This is the ultimate accommodation for your ferret family. It easily houses up to 6 ferrets. Features include: a lockable slide out pan for safe and easy cleaning, swivel casters for mobility, 2 doors, 3 adjustable ramps and balconies.
Marshalls Ferret Mansion Cage
One reason that ferrets behave this way is due to the fact that they have been neutered thus decreasing the tension or rivalry in finding a mate however, they still show aggressive behavior towards other ferrets when playing, marking their territory or hunting. Let’s talk about this behavior in their environment some more.

Ferrets play among themselves and neck biting is one example. Some scientists believe this is how the male controls the female during mating. But since they are already neutered before being given to the new owner, this may serve another purpose such as practicing how to hunt.

Since domesticated ferrets no longer have to hunt for food, this is now used to protect themselves from an attack. The amazing part about it is that because ferrets have very thick skin on the back of their necks, you won’t find a single mark afterwards. 

Keeping their coats clean and shinning is easy by using Marshall Ferret Furo-Tone. The Furo-Tone contains essential fatty acids, which when not present in sufficient amounts in a diet can result in a dull coat, flaky skin, excess shedding and scratching. To keep your adult ferret's coat in peak condition, add 0.75 teaspoon to food daily. For babies and lactating jills, add 1.5 teaspoon's daily.
Marshall Ferret Furo-Tone - 8 oz.

Being on the offense is not the only way to fend off attackers. Other tactics include dancing, hissing, lunging, sideways attack, screaming, snapping of the jaws and a clucking sound.

You can prevent a fight from taking place by providing a separate area for both ferrets to call as their own. Eventually, they will sort out their differences which is something we humans also do whenever we are engaged in an altercation or misunderstanding. But fights among domesticated ferrets are rare given that many owners just purchase one.

Given that ferrets are very friendly and sociable animals, you have to house proof your home as these curious mammals will most likely go to dark corners and small holes. They might take a nap under the cushion of the couch when they feel like it so you better check underneath first to prevent any problems.

They will also have to be toilet trained so they don’t dump their waste just anywhere in your house. Studies have shown that this is the ferret’s way of marking their territory and if they are out of the cage, they can easily find the litter box even if this has been relocated. Most animals prefer to do their business in one corner of their cage. Take advantage of this with the Hi Corner Litter Pan. The Hi Corner Litter Pan is ideal for use with ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs. It is made of hi-impact plastic which makes it very durable and fits most cages while conserving space. Easy cleanup
Marshalls Hi Corner Small Pet Litter Pan - Large Plastic

In terms of their diet, experts suggest that this should be a combination of various products so that they don’t get used to one type of food. If one runs out, this can easily be changed with another.  Also, the amount of protein that they should take in decreases as the ferret grows older. Marshall's Premium Ferret Diet provides all the essential nutrients healthy ferrets needs - without the extras they don't. High meat-based protein content keeps your ferret in amazing health, while a unique vacuum-sealing technique locks in valuable amino acids. Nutritionally superior for ferrets of all ages.

Ferrets are adaptable mammals and once they are brought home from a breeder, pet store or animal shelter, they will in no time adapt to their new environment. So, just give them some time to get themselves familiar with their new surroundings and don’t be scared if they show some aggressive behavior because after all, they were once from the wild.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bringing Home A New Pet Cat

Bringing Home A New Pet Cat

Make sure your new baby starts off with healthy food and treats. It all starts now. Once you cultivate certain eating habits, it’s almost impossible to break them, especially with cats. It is not uncommon for a cat to get hooked on one food only. If that food is a good food then you lucked out. If it is not a good food, conversion may be extremely difficult for you and your cat. Once you add something to the food, you will create a picky eater and possibly jeopardize his nutrition. In other words, once you've done your home work and selected the best food and treats for your pet cat. 
Gimborn Cat Grass Plus - 5.25 oz.

Teach Boundaries. From the first day, determine where your pet can or cannot go and things you simply don't want your pet doing. Pets are creatures of habit. Once they do something a few times, they tend to continue that behavior. Once you determine your boundaries, stick to them, even if they break your heart. Remember that what may seem cute now (chewing on pillows for example) will be disastrous later on! Realistically, many of the boundaries we set will be trial and error. Sometimes it takes bad behavior for us to take a look at a situation, declare it out of hand and make rules that will change it. Pets can get mighty creative in their curiosities and in their rebellions.

House breaking. Of course there will be accidents; - however, the goal is to complete toilet training. Cats are easy. Bring your kitten to the cat box and put her in it. As long as she knows where the box is, toilet training will be accomplished. Cats like a little privacy when they use the litter box, so this hooded pan is ideal for cats of all ages. In addition, this litter box is a stylish pink color, so no matter where you put it, it will look good. Microban protection kills microbes and limits bacteria growth.Litter boxes don't have to be boring anymore, thanks to this brilliantly pink Hooded Pan set that you and your cat will love.
Hooded Pan Set - Basic - Bleached Linen and Lady Pink - Large
Pick a talented vet. Your veterinarian is critical to your new pet's health. General check ups, vaccines, flea control preventive must be taken seriously. Select a Veterinarian you feel comfortable with. Visit the veterinary hospital first. If the staff is friendly and the hospital smells good, you are on the right track. Ask to meet one of the veterinarians. If you both get along, then you probably found your pet a family doctor. Don't select your veterinarian just based on location.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

9 ways to protect our bird from illnesses

1. Good hygiene – regularly clean the bird cage and the appliances in it. The cleaning must be accomplished minimum twice a week. Nature's Miracle Cage and Aviary Cleaner and deodorizer with nature's enzymes completely eliminates even the toughest odors. Safe and effective, will also work on old and deep-set odors. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic, and non-acidic. Safe for use around children, birds, and pets, on colors, and on all water-safe surfaces.
Natues Miracle Bird Cage & Aviary Cleaner - 1 pt.

2. We mustn't let our birds have contacts with wild or free – living birds, who are the main carriers of diseases and infections .

3. Do not put the bird cage exposed to draughts – the birds can catch a cold , and they should be exposed to the sun no more than 1 – 2 hours , because they can get overheated and can suffer from hypothermia .

4. If you have other pet animals – a dog , a cat, first get sure that they are not aggressive towards the birds and only then you can leave them in the same room together.

5  Examine the bird cage for protruding parts and objects that can hurt the birds. Blue Ribbon Bir Cage Kits make a great home for small birds. Complete bird cage kit is ideal for smaller parrots and conures. Each one includes toys, perches, ladder, food and water cups, and everything else you'll require. Each one makes a great starter cage for that budding bird owner.
Blue Ribbon Large Bird Cage Kit

Cage comes with: two (2) seed and water cups, two (2) Comfort perches, three (3) toys, wood ladders, swing, cement perch, calcium block, treat cup, six (6) sanded perch covers.

6. A very important factor for the good health of the birds is the proper and balanced feeding . Except for grain mixture, they should get enough quantity of fruit and vegetables, from which they will supply themselves with necessary vitamins.

7. Also, with great importance for the health of birds is the proper supply with minerals . You can buy them from the zoo in combined form.

8. It is also necessary that your birds get small stones and sand in a separate container , which contributes to the good digestion and food – assimilation.

9. Overfeeding the birds with proteins of animal origin is very dangerous for them and it can cause podagra and lead to abnormal appetite.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Horses - Breeds, A To Z

Horses - Breeds, A To Z

A horse is a horse of course of course.  Right?  Well, not exactly.  There are more breeds of horses than Carter has liver pills.  We're just going to touch on a few examples here, otherwise we're going to need a book about 2000 pages long. 

For example, and we'll just start with the letter A, there is the Australian Stock Horse.  This is one of those horses that arose from selective breeding due to the demands of the environment.  The history of this breed actually began in 1788.  When the first breed of horses was brought to Eastern Australia by the First Fleet.  These horses were of mixed English Thoroughbred and Spanish stock and they were hardy enough horses that they were a perfect choice for the cavalry. 

Moving along to the letter B, we have the Basotho Pony.  This horse is found only in Lesotho, which is in South Africa.  The horse is used almost exclusively for riding.  The breed itself was developed sometime after 1825 from the Cape Horse.  By the start of the 20th century this breed almost completely disappeared due to exporting of the horses and cross breeding with Arab and Thoroughbred horses.  Fortunately, during the later part of the 20th century, a society was formed to revive the breed. 

One of the most famous breed of horses starting with the letter C is the Clydesdale.  This horse was developed in a district of Scotland.  It is a heavy draft horse breed.  The breed itself was developed by farmers in Lanarkshire, which is the old name for Clydesdale.  This horse was mainly bred to meet the agricultural needs of farmers.  The Clydesdale is a real work horse.  Make no mistake about that. 
The letter D gives us the Dartmoor Pony.  This horse is one of nine breeds that are specific to the British Isles. 

This particular breed comes from a barren moorland called Dartmoor, which is located in Devon, England.  These are very old horses which go all the way back to the reign of King Henry I.  Today, Dartmoor Ponies are found all over Great Britain as well as countries like France, Sweden and Germany.
Moving along to the letter E, we have the Eriskay Pony.  This particular pony is the only surviving variety of the Hebridean pony.  It is found on the Hebrides Islands off the coast of Scotland.  Today this particular breed of pony is almost extinct.  Recent DNA testing of these animals show that they are of very ancient origin.  These horses are mostly used for transportation and common chores such as pulling carts and even taking children to school.

And in case you are wondering, yes there are breeds of horses that begin with the letter Z.  One of them is the Zaniskari Pony, which is found in Northern India.  This particular breed is what is called a riding and pack breed.  Yes, there are more breeds of horse than you can possibly imagine. 

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Could Your Dog Have Anemia?

What is anemia? It is a serious condition caused by red blood cell loss. Lack of iron in the diet is usually the culprit. However with animals, anemia is usually caused by parasitic worms or fleas that feed on blood and tissues. On occasion, it can also be caused by a toxicity from exposure to certain drugs.

Find The Cause First

Is it possible that your dog has anemia? Symptoms to watch for are pale or white gums, signs of weakness and a fast pulse.

The first step in reversing this condition is to remove the cause. If your dog has fleas or intestinal parasites, start on a program to rid your pet of these pests as soon as possible. If it is coming from fleas use Advantage Flea and Tick Control. A once per month flea treatment for dogs and puppies seven weeks of age and older. Advantage kills 98% of fleas on infested dogs within 12 hours, providing protection from re-infestation for up to four weeks. Comes packaged in convenient tube applicator.
Advantage Flea & Tick Control for Dogs

Is your dog on any medications? Just like people, certain drugs can cause side-effects, such as anemia. If you suspect that this may be the cause of your dog's anemia, you will need to consult your veterinarian about switching your pet to a new medication.

 Treatment For Canine Anemia

The good news is that anemia is a condition that can easily be treated by providing your dog with a diet rich in iron, protein and vitamin B12. Here are some especially iron-rich foods and supplements that should boost the growth of his red blood cells:

1.  Beef liver is rich in iron, protein, B complex, and B12. It's one of the best ways of supplementing your pet's diet with iron. Mardel Pet-Tabs Plus is rich in vitamins and minerals.
Mardel Pet-Tabs Plus For Dogs - 180 Tabs

2.  Kelp powder is another good choice to add to your dog's food, as it contains iodine and other trace minerals.

3.  Dark green vegetables contain a good source of iron as well. Just be careful about feeding too much gassy vegetables such as broccoli.

4.  Vitamin B12 along with nutritional yeast can offer many of the same benefits as liver, although a natural food source is always a better pick. However, if you just can't stand the thought of cutting up liver chunks for your pet, this is a good alternative.

5.  Providing Vitamin C (between 500 mgs to 2000 mgs per day, depending on your dog's size) along with 200 mg to 400 mg of Vitamin E helps with the absorption of iron within the intestinal tract. This combination is also a very good antioxidant. Give one Vitamin E a day, but divide up the dosage of Vitamin C to 3 times a day. Vitamin C is water soluble which means that it is quickly absorbed by the body. It needs to be replenished throughout the day to be most effective.

Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you believe your pooch has the signs of anemia. Get proper blood tests done to rule out any other possible problems or causes as well. Following the above dietary recommendations should help get your dog back to replenishing and increasing his or her red blood cells once more.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 things that we have to consider before buying a bird

What to start with?

First we have to consider the following :

1) What can I afford?

The price of on parrot varies in large bounds in dependence with the species. You can buy for example a budgie for less than 10 $. The price of the cockatiel varies between 25 and 35 $. An Amazonian parrot and grey parrot can be purchased for about 300 – 400$, cockatoo for 1,000 $...... and the price of some parrots reaches $15,000! This is one of the initial questions which you have to answer.

2) How much space will the bird need?

Larger birds and even some of the small ones are very active physically and need big cages and space in which to play.
Dometop Bird Cages - 32 in. x 23 in. x 62 1/2 in.

3) Is there any free time for the bird?

Probably this is the most important question. Birds are intelligent, playful and mostly “ social ” creatures. Will you have time to play with your bird? To care properly of it? Will it have the chance to be a part of your family? Consider the fact that birds live fairly long. A small parrot cockatiel lives for 20 years and more! Amazona or African grey parrot can live for 50, 60 and there are documented cases for birds that lived up to the respectable age of 100 years! Can you devote to this? It is not unusual to inherit birds for previous generations. Don't buy a bird if you think that you will soon get bored of it.

4) How noisy is the bird? Will the neighbors murmur?

Budgies and cockatiel are comparatively quiet. They are suitable to look after in a flat. Moluxco cockatoo could live in flat just if you have neighbors around you and six floors above / below you that like listening screams to cracking their ear - drums. The African grey parrot tends to be one of comparatively non-noisy parrots. Certainly, there are individual differences between birds. Somewhere there could be cockatoo, that don ' t make noisy to heaven. If really there could be found such, an enterprising person could make a fortune of it. Remember that noise is a subjective and relative sensation. A bird can be considered as “ non-noisy ” only at the background of another one,considered as noisy.

5) How “ destructive ” could a bird be?

Do you possess peerless old furniture? Rare books? Remember that these birds have strong beaks,. Some of them are less inclined to “ nibbling ” than others, but nibbling is completely natural behaviour for them.

6) Does the parrot need special food?

Looking for a large parrot? Try a deliciously fruity blend of tastes that your parrot will simply adore. Kaytee Exact Rainbow is a nutritious bird food developed by the nutritional experts at the Kaytee Avian Research Center to provide all the nutrients proven necessary for macaws, cockatoos, all parrots, eclectus, pionus, and large conures. Exact Rainbow combines the highest quality ingredients with added nutrients in a special pasteurizing process to produce an enticing rainbow of life-like colors and shapes. The colors and shapes are fun to eat, and you just can't beat the complete nutrition. Formulated specifically for the birds above, this food is a fun choice for everyday feeding.
Kaytee Exact Rainbow Bird Food for Parrots - Chunky - 4 lb.

Thinking about a canary or finch? Kaytee Forti Diet ProHealth bird food for Cannarys. Delicious palatable seeds and natural Probiotics improve health and digestion with Forti Diet ProHealth from Kaytee. DHA Omega-3 improves heart, brain and visual functions, while natural ingredients bring out feathers and coloring.
Kaytee Forti Diet ProHealth Bird Food - Canary - 2 lb.

Lory parrots, for example, need a specialized diet. Do you have an opportunity and means to provide it? Once you have made a preliminary investigation and have decided what kind of parrot you want, you can go looking for it and buy it. NEVER, NEVER BUY A PARROT IMPULSIVELY!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Allergic To Your Dog Or Cat?

Homeo Pet Dog Homeopathic Travel Anxiety - 15 mL   Homeo Pet Dog Homeopathic Anxiety Relief - 15 mL   Homeo Pet Dog Homeopathic Anxiety TFLN - 15 mL

Pets definitely help us live longer and healthier lives. This is especially true of the elderly and those of us who live alone. Pets make wonderful and faithful companions. They are always there for us. However, this relationship can become strained, and sometimes even be broken when someone in the household develops an allergy to a beloved pet.

Studies show that approximately 15% of the population suffers from an allergy to a dog or cat, and about one third of those with an allergy to cats choose to live in a household with a cat despite the allergy. Some allergy suffers live happily with a pet for a year or two before an allergy starts.

There are sometimes long term health ramifications of repeated allergy flair up's, especially for children. Repeated flair-up's can cause permanent lung damage in children. This should be carefully and thoroughly discussed with your physician. One of the ways to live happily with an animal you are allergic to is to decrease your exposure to the animal. Keep the animal outside if possible.

If the allergy sufferer only has a mild reaction to the animal there are ways for the two of them to live together in harmony, but it takes work. The animal should not be allowed in the allergy sufferers bedroom or on the bed. Keep the animal off of any upholstered furniture in the house as dander can be transferred to upholstered furniture. Use a room purifier to remove airborne animal dander. Remove carpets from the home if possible and replace with wood floors. Wash area rugs on a regular basis with warm water. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter in order to trap dander. The allergy sufferer should wash his or her face and hands after handling the animal. The animal can be bathed weekly in specially formulated shampoo that removes dander.

In some cases where the above methods and the use of over the counter antihistamines and decongestants do not help, the allergy sufferer may need to seek the help of an allergist. Immunotherapy can be thought of like a vaccination against your allergies. Given on a regular basis as shots, immunotherapy helps your body build up a natural tolerance to specific allergens.

With the use of the above methods you'll be able to live a long and healthy life with your pet!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chinchillas Staying Healthy With Pellets and Hay

Chinchillas Staying Healthy With Pellets and Hay

The chinchilla's process of consuming food is quite different than other animals.  They should have a lot of roughage and fewer nutrients.  One of the things that they must have enough of is pellets.  Zupremm Chinchilla Pellets promotes healthy skin and coat in your small pet. Each bag contains a mix of fresh grass and vegetables for a fresh taste chinchillas can't resist.
Zupreem Chinchilla Pellets - 3 lb. - 1.36 kg

Chinchilla pellets can be purchased from a breeder or a pet store.  Not all brands contain the same ingredients.  When your purchase them, be sure that the basic ingredients are in the mix.  This would include alfalfa meal, wheat germ, molasses, oats, soybean oil meal, corn, and added vitamins and minerals.  The chinchilla pellets are long because the animals eat with their hands and they must be able to grasp them.

The chinchillas consume the pellets until they feel full.  When they get to that point, they will stop and refrain from overeating.  You can either feed them once or twice a day.  You'll want to figure out which feeding regimen is best for them.  Stick with whatever works best and be consistent.  If you're not, the chinchilla will know and the inconsistency will cause them to be stressed.

A chinchilla's livelihood is based on routines.  You can feed the pellets to them either from a hopper feeder or a ceramic bowl.  The hopper feeder is good to use because you don't have to concern yourself about it falling over.  Ceramic bowls are good because they are heavy and the chinchilla can't chew it, like they would a plastic bowl. 

Chinchilla pellets are one of the best things they can eat; but if for some reason you can't locate them, you can substitute rabbit or guinea pig pellets for them.  These are fine to consume as long as they contain plenty of fiber and are low in fat.  If for some reason you do have to switch their pellets, do it gradually.  Once they get used to a system, it's difficult for them to change suddenly.  They will adapt, but they get stressed if it happens all at once.  Your Chinchilla will definitely not get bored with Kaytee's Fiesta Chinchilla Food. A fiesta of flavors including wholesome grains and seeds, plus delectable chunks of raisins, bananas, papaya, sweet potatoes, and much more. There is a party in every bag of Fiesta food.
 Kaytee Fiesta Chinchilla Food - 2.5 lb.
Hay is good for them because it also provides fiber for their system.  You can choose from two kinds:  alfalfa or timothy.  They can be purchased in loose or small compressed blocks with a measurement of 1" X 1" X 2".  The animals will eat both kinds and it must be chemical and mold free.  Because of their sensitive digestive system, chinchillas can only consume fresh hay.  To remain fresh, it must be stored in a dry place.

Fifty-pound bags may be too much for a chinchilla owner, so cubes can be purchased in smaller amounts.  It's better if the cubes are broken into smaller pieces.  This way, they can handle them easier as opposed to being one cumbersome piece.  One pressed cube or a handful of hay is all an adult chinchilla usually eats. 

An alternative to hay would be Kaytee's Smal Pet Bermuda Grass. Encourage your pet's natural foraging instincts with a uniquely different source of fiber. Bermuda grass gives your pet a new taste with the fiber that aids their digestive system in a compressed, easily fed bale. Give them the variety they enjoy with the fiber they need!    
 Kaytee Small Pets Bermuda Grass - 16 oz.
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Breeding Livebearers - Guppies and Swordtails

Equipment Needed:

5 or 10 gallon tank for the baby fish or a tank divider that you can use for your main tank.
A pair - 1 female and 1 male
 Aquarium Supplies Refugiums and Fish Breeding Five-way Breeder
This breeder was engineered with wide-slotted side vents, as well as bottom vents, to promote water circulation that furnishes oxygen and fresh water to the fry. It attaches to the side of the aquarium with bendable metal hangers.

Use without the dividers for new-born fry, with or without baby-saver plate.
Use with center dividers in place, to separate two pregnant or aggressive fish.
Use "V" partition and "V" divider for further isolation options.

Two of the more popular tropical fish for beginners has to be Guppies and Swordtails.  Guppies and Swordtails are livebearers which means that their babies come out swimming.  Like most livebearers, there is not much to getting your guppies or swordtail to breed.  If you have a male and a female then you will eventually have a pregnant female.  The gestation period for livebearers is usually 28 days but can range from 20 to 40 days.

Place the male and female in the same tank together and they will soon mate. You are probably asking, how can I tell when the female is pregnant?  When a female guppy is pregnant she will develop a dark triangular shaped gravid spot near her anal vent.  This will get larger and darker as the pregnancy progresses.  While you are waiting on the female to develop the fry it's time to make sure you are prepared for the delivery.  We use plastic breeder boxes and always have without any problems.  A breeder box is a small box plastic box about 4 inches long by 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep.  There is a removable "V" shaped trap in it which serves to separate the mother from the babies.  When the mother fish has babies they fall through the slot in the "V" into the bottom of the box.  After the mother is finished having babies, you can remove the "V" trap so that the babies have more room to grow.  Some people have had bad experiences with breeder boxes and now only use a breeding net.  It is also a good idea to purchase some real or plastic breeding grass for the top of the aquarium.  The breeding grass is just in case the mother gives birth before you have a chance to put her in the breeder box.  The young babies instinctively will swim to the top of the aquarium and the breeder grass provides a great hiding place so they won't get eaten by the bigger fish in your tank.

To feed your new arrivals you can use finely crushed flake food.  Using your fingers, you can rub the flakes into a fine powder.  Some only feed live foods such as baby brine shrimp.  Live foods would definitely be the best way to go, but for most this is simply not feasible.  Crushed or powdered flake food will suffice.  Try to feed the babies 3 very small meals per day.  You will invariably feed too much and the excess food will drop to the bottom of the tank or breeder box.  To clean a breeder box we like to take a 3 ft. length of aquarium tubing and a small bucket.  Use the tubing as a siphon to clean the bottom of the breeder box.  Be careful not to siphon any baby fish.
Hikari First Bites Aquarium Fish Food For Fry - 0.35 oz.

Try to perform 25% water changes weekly for your baby guppies.  This will aid in the optimal growth of your baby tropical fish. After a few weeks in the breeder box your new babies will soon outgrow their home and you will need to move them either to a new tank or your main tank with a divider installed. By 8 weeks old your baby fish will most likely be able to return to the main tank without a divider.  However, it really depends on the size of the other inhabitants in your aquarium.  Use your best judgement before releasing them into the main tank.

Whether you are going for that one of kind strain or if you simply find small fry swimming in the top of your tank one day after work, please be responsible with your fish.  If you have more than you can accomodate you can try trading them or maybe even selling them to a local fish store in your area.  Talk to your local pet stores beforehand to see if you can work out some sort of arrangement.  You can also use this opportunity to get your friends interested in fish.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All The Things You Should Know About Your Dog - But Do not Want To Talk About!

When you decided to get a dog, I'll bet you daydreamed about the great times you'd have with your new best friend. However, there are many things that you need to consider in order to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Things that perhaps you'd rather not even think about!

Flea and tick control is very important in maintaining dog health. Advantage flea and tick controls can help with this. A once per month flea treatment for dogs and puppies seven weeks of age and older. Advantage kills 98% of fleas on infested dogs within 12 hours, providing protection from re-infestation for up to four weeks. Comes packaged in convenient tube applicator.
Advantage Flea & Tick Control for Dogs

When you go to the veterinarian he may ask you to bring along a urine sample from your dog. How do you do this? Your dog surely won't be able to hit a sample bottle. The easiest way to accomplish this is to tape a polythene container to the end of a yard stick. While your dog is out doing his business, position the container underneath his urine stream. This is easier to do with male dogs than female dogs but you can usually get a sample with one or two tries. Your veterinarian will want as fresh a sample as possible so if you won't be taking the sample to the vet right away, keep it refrigerated until you bring it in. Your veterinarian will be checking the sample for a variety of things like bacteria and crystals. If bacteria is found it could mean that your dog has a urinary tract infection and will most likely require your dog to be put on a course of antibiotics. Crystals form in the urine whenever minerals bind together, there are several different kinds of crystals and these are most often treated with prescription diets.

If your veterinarian asks for a stool sample it could mean that he suspects that intestinal parasites are bothering your dog. They can get these by eating fecal matter from another affected animal, carcasses, or other unsavory things. You will want to bring in a fresh sample. The doctor will examine it under the microscope and look for telltale eggs of parasites. Commonest parasites are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Several of today’s monthly heartworm medications also protect against roundworms and hookworms. If you live in the country or your dog is outside for much of the day, he may need to be treated with a tapeworm wormer on a quarterly basis. Other diseases like coccidia, can also be seen under the microscope from your dog’s stool sample.

What about anal glands? The anal glands are two small glands located just on the inside of your dog’s anus that secrete a foul smelling liquid. Usually the glands will be emptied when your dog defecates. Unfortunately, in some dogs, the anal glands become impacted and do not empty properly. If your dog is urinating more than usual or licking his hind quarters more often, there may be a problem with his anal glands. In this case it's important to make an appointment with your veterinarian who will check the anal glands by gloved touch. If the anal glands are full, he will be able to empty them manually. it is possiblen, however, to learn how to do this yourself at home. Some dogs require their anal glands be manually emptied regularly. Some owners have their dog’s anal glands surgically removed but if you choose to do this, discuss the possible outcomes with your veterinarian as there is often a risk of fecal incontinence if the surgery goes awry.

Occasionally in dogs, dandruff is just dandruff caused by skin allergies, nutritional deficiencies, or improper grooming. Lambert Kay makes several typer of dog shampoo and conditioners to help with this problem.
Lambert Kay Dog Fresh n Clean Shampoo - Baby Powder - 18 oz.
Sometimes, however, dandruff can be a sign of a parasite called mange of which there are a few different types:

a) Demodectic Mange is caused by a mite which all dogs have but are rarely adversely affected by it. Sometimes however, there can be an overabundance of these mites which causes skin irritation and hair loss.

b) Sarcoptic Mange (also known as scabies) is caused by another type of mite. A female mite buries herself in the dog’s skin and lays her eggs there. When the eggs hatch, the cycle begins again. This causes severe skin irritation and hair loss in dogs but is easily treatable.

c) Cheyletiella Mange is caused by a large mite that lives on the surface of the dog’s skin. This infestation is also known as 'walking dandruff'. This type of mange causes minor skin irritation but is easily treatable with topical medication.

So, now you can talk about those unpleasant things! It's important that you are properly educated and can recognize signs and symptoms so that you keep your dog as healthy as he can be.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Toys Cats Will Love

Do you walk through the pet store, see the many toys available for your cat, and wonder if the expense will be worth it? Cats can be fickle creatures, but a good time can be found with almost any toy. Cats are like children they go through stages and sometimes need age appropriate toys and can get bored very easily. Some suggestions for toys include the cat towers, stuffed mice, small amounts of catnip, stuffed animals, ribbons, and plastic balls.
Condo Cat Tree - 38 in.

From an early age, kittens learn to pick up things in their mouths. It is an instinct, just like using their claws. When a cat plays, they like to grab and bit their toys. Let us look at the toys listed above. A cat tower is a great way to teach you cat where it is appropriate to climb. It will keep them off the blinds or curtains while giving them hours of fun. There are many styles of cat towers from the two story towers to the ones rising to the ceiling.  The answer to your question is, the more levels they have the more fun and enjoyment they will receive out of a cat tower. A cat will use the tower for play as well as sleep.  They like to bat at ropes and other items dangling off the tower as well as going through little tunnels up to the next level. If you have two cats you will have fun watching them give chase to the top often trying to knock the other off. A cat tower can be practical because they will scratch at it rather than your couch.

Stuffed mice are also important to any kitty’s playtime. Not all mice are the same; most cats prefer the small leather mice with the multi colored fur and long tails. These mice come in twelve packs or three packs, and believe me if they are anything like my kitty they will tear them apart. Cloth mice are typically second during playtime. If you find your kitty to be uninterested in mice you might want to check the type of mouse you have bought them.

Catnip toys are very popular. Catnip will cause your cat to be more rowdy, which can be a plus because they wear down faster. Catnip before bedtime is a great way to get your cat to sleep for quite a while and leave you to slumber. Catnip should be given out sparingly. You do not want to give your cat catnip everyday because it can have adverse affects to their behavior. They can start to depend on it and have mood swings.
Petstages Catnip Chew Ring Cat Toy

I have found the best toy may just be your old stuffed animal lying around the house. My kitty, Spooky, will bring me a stuffed animal when she is ready to play and she has stuffed animals in her toy basket. There is nothing more amusing than watching my kitty brings me a stuffed animal bigger than she is and proceeds to toss it in the air and pounce.  Cats like the feel of certain things in their mouths that is why they chew on paper, plastic and even your blankets. The feel of the material in their mouths allows them to clean their teeth or when they are teething help reduce the pain. The stuffed animal can work in much the same way and keep them away from harmful products.

To answer my above question you do not have to go to great expense to entertain your cat, however when you spend a little on toys you keep your kitty from getting bored. You may even decide to hide a few toys and reintroduce them after a few months to keep from purchasing new ones all the time. Just make sure it is not the favorite toy of your pet or they may find other ways to entertain themselves that you do not find amusing.

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