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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bringing Home A New Pet Cat

Bringing Home A New Pet Cat

Make sure your new baby starts off with healthy food and treats. It all starts now. Once you cultivate certain eating habits, it’s almost impossible to break them, especially with cats. It is not uncommon for a cat to get hooked on one food only. If that food is a good food then you lucked out. If it is not a good food, conversion may be extremely difficult for you and your cat. Once you add something to the food, you will create a picky eater and possibly jeopardize his nutrition. In other words, once you've done your home work and selected the best food and treats for your pet cat. 
Gimborn Cat Grass Plus - 5.25 oz.

Teach Boundaries. From the first day, determine where your pet can or cannot go and things you simply don't want your pet doing. Pets are creatures of habit. Once they do something a few times, they tend to continue that behavior. Once you determine your boundaries, stick to them, even if they break your heart. Remember that what may seem cute now (chewing on pillows for example) will be disastrous later on! Realistically, many of the boundaries we set will be trial and error. Sometimes it takes bad behavior for us to take a look at a situation, declare it out of hand and make rules that will change it. Pets can get mighty creative in their curiosities and in their rebellions.

House breaking. Of course there will be accidents; - however, the goal is to complete toilet training. Cats are easy. Bring your kitten to the cat box and put her in it. As long as she knows where the box is, toilet training will be accomplished. Cats like a little privacy when they use the litter box, so this hooded pan is ideal for cats of all ages. In addition, this litter box is a stylish pink color, so no matter where you put it, it will look good. Microban protection kills microbes and limits bacteria growth.Litter boxes don't have to be boring anymore, thanks to this brilliantly pink Hooded Pan set that you and your cat will love.
Hooded Pan Set - Basic - Bleached Linen and Lady Pink - Large
Pick a talented vet. Your veterinarian is critical to your new pet's health. General check ups, vaccines, flea control preventive must be taken seriously. Select a Veterinarian you feel comfortable with. Visit the veterinary hospital first. If the staff is friendly and the hospital smells good, you are on the right track. Ask to meet one of the veterinarians. If you both get along, then you probably found your pet a family doctor. Don't select your veterinarian just based on location.

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