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Monday, January 24, 2011

Flea Control, Getting Rid of fleas

Flea Control, Getting Rid of Fleas

Different geographical areas have different climate conditions so the flea season varies depending on where you are. Keep that in mind whether you are at home or traveling. Something else to be aware of is that fleas, they can survive indoors even during the cold weather. Following are some helpful facts about fleas and information on how you can prevent them from infesting your pets and your home using flea and tick controls.
Advantage Flea & Tick Control for Dogs
There are over two thousand known species and subspecies of fleas, one of these class of flea called the ‘cat flea’ is to blame for almost all the fleas found on cats and dogs in the United States.

Fleas can survive up to two or three months without eating, they eat the blood they suck from their hosts. A female flea consumes 15 times her own body weight in blood daily! You should also know that while adult fleas suck blood from a cat, dog or other mammal, their larvae live and feed on organic debris in the host animal's environment. If you see one flea there can be hundreds more in your home your carpet and on your pet.

How do you control this problem? Your pet counts on you to keep it healthy. Taking them to the vet for their annual check ups is very important. Ask your veterinarian about a flea prevention method such as Advantage, A once per month flea treatment for dogs and puppies seven weeks of age and older. Advantage kills 98% of fleas on infested dogs within 12 hours, providing protection from re-infestation for up to four weeks. Comes packaged in convenient tube applicator. Bio-Spot Bio Spot Spot On topical flea and tick products quickly and safely kill fleas, ticks and their eggs on cats and kittens, and is effective for up to one month. Also works to fight mosquitoes that may spread heartworm or other diseases to your pet. Spot On treatments also contain a special coat conditioner to make your pet look great and feel itch-free. or Adams. Some of these products can also help to prevent ticks in addition to fleas.
Farnam Bio Spot In-Home Inverted Carpet & Premise Spray - 16 oz.
If you see fleas on your pets or in your home, take action immediately. Not only are fleas a huge annoyance, but they can also transmit diseases and tapeworm. If your home becomes infested, you will probably need to purchase flea bombs – make sure read and adhere to the directions carefully and contact your vet to get further advice and relief for your pet and family. With Adams Room Fogger you can say goodbye fleas! The Adams ready-to-use, water based automatic room fogger contains adulticides to kill adult fleas and pre-adult fleas. Sykillstop, an insect growth regulator, kills larval fleas and flea eggs for 210 days. Also kills ticks, cockroaches, spiders and ants.One can treats up to 6,000 square feet.
Farnams Adams Pets Room Fogger - 3 pk

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